About me

I’m a business analyst by day, but also putter around with these things in no particular order:

  • Learning technology, especially open source.
  • Writing about that technology.
  • Writing fantasy fiction.
  • Training kendo and karate.
  • Craft beer.

My Published Work

I’ve been an avid writer of both fiction and non-fiction for over ten years.

Oaths Betrayed

A knight sets off on a quest to slay a dragon. But the story begins when he succeeds, yet is denied his rightful prize according to the oaths sworn by himself and his liege.

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Breath of the Kraken

Privateer and pirate compete for a rich merchant vessel when an accident awakens one of the great horrors of the deep sea. Published in Issue 26 (July 2004) of the Deep Magic e-zine.

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According to the Brotherhood of Bones, those who twist the spirits by using magic are evil, and necromancers are the most evil of all.  But sometimes you need to fight magic with magic. Published in Issue 2 of the Silver Blade e-zine.

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Asus Transformer Prime

I wrote this piece to compare the utility of the Transformer Prime with netbooks running Linux. Published in the April 2012 issue of Linux Journal

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Making Linux and Android Get Along (It's Not as Hard as It Sounds)

This article demonstrates some (at the time) cutting edge ways of getting Linux and Android to talk to one another. Published in the February 2013 issue of Linux Journal.

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MakeUseOf Guide to KDE: The Other Linux Desktop

Many Linux users hop around to different distributions with different graphical shells. Me? I’ve been using KDE since Caldera was a well-liked Linux producer. Published in December 2013 on

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MakeTechEasier Linux Contributions

I had a lot of fun creating Linux how-to’s for popular site MakeTechEasier. Published between August 2012 and May 2013 at

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