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Hello, and welcome my little corner of the Internet to go on about whatever I want. This is presently my writing portfolio, including both fiction and non-fiction.

*Gothic Fantasy: Heroic Fantasy Anthology* / Flame Tree Press Oaths Betrayed
Gothic Fantasy: Heroic Fantasy Anthology / Flame Tree Press
Silver Blade (Vol. 1) Bonebearer
Silver Blade (Vol. 1)
Deep Magic, July 2004 Breath of the Kraken
Deep Magic (July 2004)
LibreOffice Online Guide Google Season of Docs
The LibreOffice Online Guide, in collaboration with The Document Foundation’s LibreOffice Documentation team as part of the 2019 Google Season of Docs Program.
Linux Format Linux Format
Articles in Linux Format include:
Lifewire Lifewire
Highlights of articles at Lifewire include:
Linux Journal Linux Journal
Articles in Linux Journal include:
  • Review: Transformer Prime (April 2012)
  • Linux and Android: Making Them Get Along (February 2013)
MakeUseOf MakeUseOf
Articles at MakeUseOf include topics such as Linux, Android, and Tech Explained, in addition to e-book guides such as:
MakeTechEasier MakeTechEasier
Articles at MakeTechEasier include:
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A. Creg Peters

The caffeine-fueled ravings of a neophyte geek. Technology and fiction writer. Karate and kendo practitioner (with a dash of HEMA). Newbie programmer. Linux and open source.